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Basic Services

Free help in the installation, free testing.

Service commitment

To the complaint items that the customer put forward; 24 hours inside the province and 48 hours out of the province of have the special circumstance, give within 8 hours reply. 

Network Support

Suzhou: Customer Service smd@fomtec-group.com

Hangzhou: Customer Service smd@fomtec-group.com

Guangzhou: Customer Service gmd@fomtec-group.com

Telephone Support

Technic:(0)13771963013 Complain:(0)13588382052((Zhejiang) 

Technic:(0)13771963013 Complain:(0)13862156398(Jiangsu)



Periodically return to visit the example to check:

My company after-sales service the technical personnel will carry on back to visit to combine various difficulty problem to the machine carry on the check fixes the maintenance to reach agreement the answer, you appear in machine use process to your machine, asking for you at the same time to usage opinion and suggestion of the machine. 
Our company will send or fax the “ The satisfaction of the customer investigates sheet ” periodically to accept the customer‘s direct.

The whole machine of a year protects to fix:

Since the machine out of the factory, with a protection in a year

Support the service for life:

As long as is our machine, our factory will responsible for the product to support for life.

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