• Automotive

           The government has introduced a series of automotive fuel economy and emission requirements and regulations that will directly promote the lightweight application of plastics in the automotive industry. At the same time, in the automotive industry, the use of plastic substitute steel, LFT composites (long fiberglass modified plastics) in the automotive applications (front-end components, bumper brackets, seat frames, interior trim brackets, battery trays, etc.) are increasingly increase. With the development of lightweight trends in the automotive industry, the relationship between automobiles and plastics has become increasingly close. Correspondingly, the relationship between automobiles and injection molding processes and injection molding equipment has become increasingly deeper. The two complement each other. Automobile sales stimulate the injection molding machine industry, driving the development of the injection molding machine market is also obvious. Fengtie injection molding machine applications in the automotive industry include but are not limited to the following automotive components:

· Auto glass edging

· Car cable

· Car filter

· Car safety buckle

· Automobile sunroof wind net and wind net skeleton

· Car sealing strip corner

· car horn

· Car key button

· Car rear light cover

· Car seat spring

· New energy automotive motor

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